April 10, 2021

2021-05-13 | 18:37:42

"Very informative! Highly recommend!"
April 9, 2021

2024-02-02 | 16:19:53

"Fernando is professional and personable. He immediately put me at ease when I came to him years ago to have him do my taxes. He answers all my questions completely and clearly. He is so knowledgeable! It is great to have him on my team for business and personal tax service. Highly recommend!!"
April 5, 2021

Love doing my taxes here!

"I’ve been coming to Fernando for 3 years now and he always takes care of me when it comes to my taxes. He simplifies everything to make sense and he gives great information on things we don’t know about. He answers any questions I have and isn’t afraid to explain things twice if I need it. Highly recommend!"
April 5, 2021

Love this place

"Fernando is really knowledgeable and insightful. I was recommended this place for a very good reason, it is a five star service business."
February 7, 2021

2021-02-22 | 21:38:56

"Fernando is great! Would definitely recommend."